Code of content


A good number of projects now have expressly-written Codes of Conduct, which are community-agreed-upon terms of engagement to minimize harrassing and trolling on those platforms. The Writers of the Fediverse! webring, being not in control, really, of its members' conduct, instead has a code of content that dictates what is and is not acceptable on members' pages.

Members of this webring agree to follow this code of content to enable everyone to have a safe and fun webring. No one should have to link to any content that makes them feel unsafe or less-than. That is the purpose of this code of content.

Acceptable content

Any content is acceptable that is not unacceptable. Really — diverse people are important for diverse thinking, and diverse thinking is important for strong communities. We're excited to read it all!

Unacceptable content

Content that is racist, homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, or misogynistic; or that disparages any person or group based on their gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, religion, or other protected statuses; or that is used to harass other members of this webring is unacceptable.

Members will not have content meeting these criteria on their own pages, and agree to place Content Warnings or Browsewraps around links to offensive content on other pages. Basically, we agree to keep the Writers of the Fediverse! as safe a space as possible for the unwitting Internet traveler.


If you see a membersite of this webring that contains unacceptable content, please email the admin at ring [dot] acdw [dot] net with the name of the offending site and what offends.


Consequences of not following this code of content are few. They include the following:

If you feel you have been removed or censured unjustly, email the above address with your complaint. We'll adjudicate it as best we can.

Still to do

This document isn't perfect. But it is open to revision from the community. If you've got suggestions on how to improve the Code of Content, please email or toot the admin with your suggestion. So far, we need to

(A lot of this discussion has been going on under this thread over at Feel free to ping me there.)


This is a living document. In the interest of transparency, you can see the history of its revisions at the Github repo for this webring. You can also submit a pull request with suggested changes.