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Case Duckworth RSS Mastodon
Librarian by day; writer, reader, cook by night.
Duth Olec Mastodon
Hub for the Cloudy Cuckoo Cosmos, a series of novels and stories in a fantasy/science-fiction setting without humans! Except for one. He runs the site. Cloudy with a chance of nonsense.
S. Gonzalez Mastodon
What stories survive the glowing surf?
Josh Maurice Mastodon
Mostly writing about creating smarter interfaces and zhergish commentary
Alex Oliver Mastodon

A queer eye in your sci-fi

I write arcanepunk and space opera. I love the intersection of history, fantasy, science and mystery, and am only really happy when at least two leaves of that venn diagram overlap.

Andreas Jennische Mastodon
My name is Andreas Jennische. I live in Stockholm, Sweden but spend many weekends in a small and old cottage in the country side. Journalist. Love reading and writing. Dad of three.
Liaizon Wakest RSS Mastodon
Liaizon Wakest grew up in an anarchist commune in rural America. They can be found climbing into dumpsters from Mexico to Kazakhstan looking for trash to make art with. In recent years they have been focused on research into ethical technology and infrastructural anarchism. Find out more about them on wake.st.


The Fediverse has some good writers in it. But due to the distributed nature of Mastodon, etc. (not to mention the IndieWeb!), it can be hard to find friends with the same interests. So Tatiana Mac thought, Let's bring back webrings!, and other folks wrote about getting them back, and someone even made a Webring Kit to make it just about idiot-proof to set one up.

We thought all of this was just great, but turns, out, we (by which I mean I) were the better idiots that couldn't understand how the Kit worked. So we decided to build a different one with Flask. (The source code is here.)

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